Central Chapter’s run to Cars in the Park on 6 August 2017

Wing Riders from Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Swaziland gathered at the final departure point, the Sasol garage on the R55, and departed at 08:30 to Cars in the Park.


The Pretoria Old Motor Club was established in 1966. The first CARS in the PARK was held in 1980 at the POMC Club grounds in Keuning Street, Silverton. Nine cars of POMC club members were displayed.

From 1982, other one make clubs were also invited to display their vehicles. By 2005 more than 80 clubs displayed about 2 000 vehicles and the POMC grounds became too small to accommodate any further growth. After investigation it was decided to move the event in 2006 to the Zwartkops Race Track.

Since those early times, where the event was strictly a classic car show, the event has evolved to the point where it attracts some 3 000 special-interest motor cars and motor cycles, over 100 car clubs, associated motoring and apparel store holders and over 15 000 spectators.

It is by far the biggest car show on the South African calendar, and in fact it is the biggest event on the Zwartkops Raceway calendar.

Cars that show up every year range from vintage machines dating back as early as 1904 to classics from the 1950s and 1960s, hot rods, muscle cars, dragsters, customised motorcycles and hot turbocharged street machines. It is this varied mix of motorised adoration that makes the event so special.

Wing Riders enjoyed a lovely day out, while their bikes and trikes, parked in the pit lane, were admired by many spectators.

Lots of beautiful photos and videos of our run to Cars in the Park, can be viewed on our Facebook group. Click here.


Central Chapter’s run to Black Horse Brewery on 11 June 2017

Black Horse Estate is an artisanal craft brewery and distillery as well as a quaint restaurant near Magaliesburg. The brewery is just an hour’s scenic drive outside Johannesburg and is situated on the edge of the Magalies River with lush green fields, majestic black horses and magnificent Pecan nut trees.

Around 60 members from our chapter came from all over Mpumalanga and Gauteng (also Swaziland) and gathered at the final departure point which was the Total Garage at Hertford Junction on the R512 off the N14. From everyone rode together to the final destination.

June 2017 raffle prize was donated by Chris and Mariana de Lange, a gift they brought all the way from the Mini Wing Fling in Kakamas. Thank you, Chris and Mariana.


June 2017’s raffle winner, was Poena Oosthuizen. Congratulations! (Most of us are envious!)


Congratulations to Amanda Celliers who received her club colours today.


More photos of our run to Black Horse, can be viewed on our Facebook group. Click here.

Central Chapter’s run to Gas Monkey on 21 May 2017

Members of the Wing Riders – Central Chapter and several guests, came from all over Gauteng and Mpumalanga and gathered at the Blockhouse on the R59, the final departure point to Gas Monkey.

Gas Monkey is situated in Vanderbijlpark, an industrial town on the Vaal River in the south of Gauteng. The town is named after Hendrik van der Bijl, an electrical engineer and industrialist. Vanderbijlpark, together with the neighbouring towns Vereeniging and Sasolburg, forms the Vaal Triangle, a major industrial region of South Africa. It is located in the district municipality of Sedibeng and the local municipality of Emfuleni.

Members and guests had a great time, catching up with old friends and enjoying a delicious meal.


Congratulations to our members, Poena and Annelize Oosthuizen, who received their club colours today.

May 2017’s raffle winner, was Maria Sadie who won a TyreWeld. We hope you never need it, Maria.

Everyone departed around 14:30 and we are grateful that everyone arrived home safely. Thank you to all who joined in the fun.

More photos of our run to Gas Monkey, can be viewed on our Facebook group. Click here.

Central Chapter’s run to Waenhuiskraal on 23 April 2017

Members of the Wing Riders – Central Chapter, came from all over Gauteng and Mpumalanga and gathered at the McDonald’s in Witbank, the final departure point to Waenhuiskraal.

Waenhuiskraal is situated ± 10 km outside Middelburg, Mpumalanga, on the Loskop Dam road.

A total of 42 Central Chapter members and guests had a great time, catching up with old friends and enjoying a delicious meal served by our hosts, Mary and Vic Louw.

April 2017’s raffle winner, was Leonie van Greunen who won a big bottle of Café Culture red wine and Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Enjoy, Leonie!

Everyone departed around 15:00 and we are grateful that everyone arrived home safely. Thank you to all who joined in the fun.



For more photos, please see Central Chapter’s Facebook group:




Central Chapter’s run to Weesgerus on 12 March 2017

25 Gold Wings, Valkyries included, 5 BMWs and three cars came from all over Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Limpopo and joined up at the Petroport on the N1 North. With a total of 58 riders, pillions and guests, we arrived at Weesgerus, situated on the outskirts of Modimolle (previously called Nylstroom) at 11:00.

Everyone relaxed with something to drink and enjoyed catching up with friends and acquaintances and getting to know new friends. Luke Hartog, Central Chapter’s Chairperson, chaired a short meeting, where after everyone enjoyed a lovely meal together. Rassie Sinden kindly presented everyone with a beautiful leather Wing Rider key ring. Thank you, Rassie! Congratulations also to Rassie who received his colours today.

March 2017’s raffle winner was then announced. Louise Engelbrecht, with ticket number 13, was the lucky winner of a precious Wing Rider key ring and badge donated by Chris de Lange, together with an interesting alcoholic beverage. Thank you for the donation, Chris.

Everyone departed around 15:00 and we are grateful that everyone arrived home safely. Thank you to all for joining this run. It was one of the best attended runs ever organised by Central Chapter.

For more photos, please see Central Chapter’s Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/goldwingriders.eastrand/426839714334102/?notif_t=like&notif_id=1489347778281815

Central Chapter’s run to Zakkers on 19 February 2017

The special run this past Sunday, 19 February 2017, was to Zakkers Bar & Grill. This establishment is situated at plot 179 on the R511, Silkaatsnek, near Brits. The ride from different starting points was enjoyable and everyone met up at the Total garage in Herford Centre on the R512, which was the final departure point. At Zakkers, we were welcomed to prepared tables in an interesting restaurant. After drinks, we were served a delicious buffet lunch and dessert.

This was not an official run, but took place at the special request of a club member who works abroad most of the year. The run was, however, very well attended by 21 bikes and trikes and 30 members and just shows that our club members are looking for every possible opportunity to enjoy our bikes and trikes together with like-minded members.


For more photos of the run, please go to https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.414307402254000&type=1

Incorporation of chapters into Central Chapter

13 February 2017





There appears to be some confusion and even some unhappiness amongst our members, especially those who have come a long way with the Wing Riders SA, regarding the origins of the Central Chapter, and what has become of the East Rand, Johannesburg, West Rand and other chapters. This document serves to address these issues.

Perhaps we should first revisit the constitution to find out what is required, or what the case was in the past.

Section 5(b) under “Structure of the Association” of the Constitution, as amended during 2014, states as follows:

Area / Regional Chapters around the country which acts within the boundaries of the Association’s Constitution and relevant standing orders and regulations issued from time to time by the NC or the AGM of members of the Association.

Section 5.2.1 under the heading “Area / Regional Chapters” states as follows:

Each area/region within the Association is normally defined by its provincial borders. However, for practical or other reasons more than one area / regional chapters may exist within a province.

Section 5.2.3 under the heading “Mandate and Purpose of the Area / Regional Chapter Committee” states as follows:

a) Exists primarily to carry into effect the purpose of the Association at a local level, similarly as the NC on a national level (par 4, p2 above);

b) Shall have full powers to manage all the local business and financial affairs of the local chapter subject to the conditions set out in the Constitution and other regulations issued from time to time by the NC;

It is important to note that nowhere in the Constitution is it stated that any particular chapter shall be known by a particular name. However, we take note of the historic names associated with the provincial boundaries prior to 1994, as well as separate chapters within these provinces, such as East Rand, Johannesburg, West Rand, to name but a few.

For various reasons, with the notable exception of the East Rand Chapter, all these other chapters that were previously located within the boundaries of the Transvaal and the Orange Free State, as the provinces were known at the time, were either dissolved or just faded away, and members were incorporated under the name of East Rand. Many of these smaller chapters simply could not sustain themselves financially due to having only a very limited number of members.

So, as section 5.2.3(b) gives the regional chapter committee full powers to manage all the local business affairs, obviously within the bounds contained in the Constitution and in line with generally accepted democratic processes and principles, it was the opinion of the Committee, that this will include the rights to name the chapter appropriately. The Committee decided some time ago, to look into this matter in detail.

Since then, and as discussed at various monthly chapter meetings over the preceding 18 months or so, it was finally decided during the AGM held on 18 November 2016, that the name “East Rand” was no longer representative of the locations of the members and therefore the composition of the chapter, and that the chapter would in future be known as “Central Chapter”. This was the only proposal received at the time, and was duly voted on, and the overwhelming majority of the members present at the AGM (more than 90%) voted in favour of this change. Again, this was done in the interest of being representative, and also for economies of scale.

So, back to the uncertainty and unhappiness alluded to earlier.

It is important to realise that, and this was emphasised during the AGM, that “East Rand”, will not simply cease to exist, as there are many members who have “grown up” with this name for very many years and there is a sentimental value attached accordingly. For this reason, existing members will have the choice of wearing either the “East Rand” or “Central” logo. However, all new members will automatically be associated with the “Central Chapter”, and will be given the new logo of the chapter free of charge to them by the chapter when they receive their colours as per the requirements of the Constitution.

Should the membership within a given region grow to such an extent in the future that a new chapter becomes viable, resulting in a “split” for want of a better word, then obviously we will again look at the structure of the chapter(s).

I cannot, however, emphasise enough, that we as your Committee, will at all times act with the general interests of the club as a whole, as our only priority. Unfortunately, this may not please all of the members all of the time, but this is how a democracy works. It would destroy the club if we were to pander to the vagaries of the individual.

Finally and perhaps most importantly, recognition must be, and is given to all those members of the various chapters that became what is now known as Central, for the work that they did in building this region of the Wing Riders into what it is today. We are certainly a diverse collection of people, each of us with our own strengths (and weaknesses), and it is the sum total of this that makes us, in my humble opinion, the example on which all other similar clubs should be modelled.

I trust that this clears up this matter, and I do apologise for any confusion that may have arisen.


Wing greetings

Luke Hartog

Chairman: Central Chapter

Wing Riders SA


Central Chapter run to Parys on 5 February 2017

The Gold Wing riders from the Central Chapter enjoyed a successful and enjoyable outride to Parys on Sunday, 5 February 2017. Everyone met at the Blockhouse Engen 1-Stop on the R59, south of Alberton, at 09:00. We safely travelled to Parys and stopped at Jimmy Jaggers for refreshments. Some members took a walk through the picturesque town and visited some interesting shops. The group arrived at the Parys Golf and Country Club at 12:30, where the monthly meeting was held and a lovely buffet lunch was enjoyed by everyone. This outride was joined by 30 bikes and trikes and ± 60 members and guests.


For more photos and a video, please visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.404549593229781&type=1

Central Chapter 2017 Year Planner

Click here to see detail: 2017-year-planner2017-year-planner

Wing Rider Awards at the AGM on 19 November 2016


Wing Riders of the Year 2016

Martin Pienaar & Melanie Lynn

dias-van-der-merweBest Newcomer of the Year 2016

Dias van der Merwe



Spirit of the Year 2016

Barbara Polessnig


Lady Wing Rider of the Year 2016

Maraai Hechter



Most Distance Travelled 2016

Leonie van Greunen


Best Newcomers of the Year 2015

Llewellyn & Sonet Mudge


jane-le-rouxLady Wing Rider of the Year 2015

Jane le Roux


Because of circumstances beyond their control, Llewellyn and Sonet Mudge and Jane le Roux, were not able to attend the 2015 AGM. They received their awards this year.