Central Chapter’s “mystery run” on 10 September 2017

The last official run of the Wing Riders – Central Chapter, for this year, took place on 10 September 2017.

Martin Pienaar en Stefan Polessnig took it upon themselves to organise this run. They decided to call it a “Mystery Run” – no one knew the destination except them. The final departure point was the Sasol Circle Centre in Centurion, therefore members travelled from the south, east, west and north and met up there.

Of course most riders expected the run to take us somewhere to the north-west. Instead we ended up at Ferreira’s Sports Bar and Restaurant in Boksburg. It was great fun and a nice surprise. Thanks, guys! Well done on choosing a comfortable venue with ample safe parking and excellent food.

The number of Gold Wing bikes and trikes that joined our run today, was 28. Apart from the Wings, we were joined by two Harleys, one Harley trike, two Boulevards and one BMW, a total of 34 trikes and bikes and approximately 40 members and 15 guests.

Four members received their colours today:

Conrad and Henda Stoltz


Thys and Erika Koekemoer


Our very lucky winner of the raffle prize, donated by Johnno and Frankie Glover – 8 stainless steel tumblers embossed with the Wing Riders logo, was Elsie Venter:

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